Item #: FRAMJKT 
Solid walnut deepbox frame designed to display your retired official FFA jacket without the necessity of cutting or alternating your treasured blue jacket. Jacket not included. Made in the USA.  Frame depth for all sizes is 2 1/2".

Small frame - 15 1/2"x15 1/2".
Medium frame - 17.5" x 17.5".
Large frame - 19.5" x 19.5".
Extra Large frame - 21.5" x 21.5".

Size: 28-30 - order small frame
Size: 32-34 - order medium frame
Size: 36-50 - order large frame
Size: 52-56 - order extra large frame
Size: 28-34 - order small frame
Size: 36-48 - order medium frame
Size: 50 - order large frame

Jacket Frame Instructions

  1. Clean both sides of the plexiglas cover before you begin.

  2. Place the frame on a flat surface with the back of the frame facing up.

  3. Place the jacket on a flat surface, fully zipped, with the back of the jacket facing up.

  4. Slide the smaller of the 2 boards into the jacket, all the way up to the shoulders, making sure the board is centered.

  5. Flip the board over so the front of the jacket is facing up.

  6. Place jacket with board already inserted over the back of the frame (with jacket front facing up.)

  7. Pull the corduroy tightly around the board, to eliminate wrinkles in the completed display.

  8. Gently press the jacket/board down until the board contacts the groove in the frame.

  9. Flip jacket collar up and fold it down over the board.

  10. Fold the left sleeve in over the jacket/board.

  11.  Fold the right sleeve in over the jacket/board.

  12.  Bend both sleeves to keep the fabric evenly distributed and flat in the frame.

  13.  Fold the sides of the jacket in over the jacket/board.

  14.  Unbuckle the bottom side buckles of the jacket, so fabric will lay flat.

  15.  Fold the bottom of the jacket up over the jacket/board.

  16.  Place the larger board on top and press down until it is flush with the frame.

  17.  Position the fasteners over the larger board to hold the back in place.  Tighten if necessary.

Made in the USA